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Causes of Foundation Problems

Concrete is only as good as the ground it's poured upon. This is a common phrase we use with our customers to help them understand that, when it comes to concrete and foundation problems, it typically is not the concrete that has failed but the ground prep underneath.

Redco Foundation Solution has extensive background in excavation and building structure. We understand the importance of well compacted, well draining, properly graded soils. We also understand how structures go together and what can impact structural integrity.

In Idaho the most common foundation problems we see are caused by improper drainage. Water that runs back to your concrete will degrade the base. When the base is degraded the weight of the structure will cause the foundation to settle or crack. It is important to ensure your home has proper drainage. Confirm that all down spouts are draining at least 10' from your foundation and that the soil around your foundation is properly graded to ensure adequate run-off. Drainage problems can also cause problems in the basement or crawlspace of your home. Water intrusion can lead to flood damage, rotting wood, mold, and musty smells.

Improperly compacted soils will also cause damage to your concrete. Structural footings should always be poured on native (naturally compacted) soils. Footings poured on backfilled or un-compacted soils are prone to settlement.

If your home or commercial building has a slab foundation leaking pipes under the slab can cause damage. Tree roots are another source of problems for slab foundations.

If you suspect your foundation is damaged for any reason, please call Redco today to schedule a free consultation and estimate.

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