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Our team of experts have spent the past two decades becoming acquainted with the building codes, climate and customers of the Treasure Valley in order to provide you with the most comprehensive solutions for any foundation problem.

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One of the most commonly recommended and installed drainage systems is a French drain. However, at Redco, we do not believe that French drains are optimal for most residential drainage needs. This is because they tend to back up and spill at the foundation. Instead, we use a different system that involves placing a barrel in the ground to gather small amounts of water. We then place a pop-up in the grass that allows additional water to not get trapped in the drain, but to flow out of the grass during big rainstorms. This approach reduces the risk of oversaturating soils and causing foundation failures. Another disadvantage of French drains is that they are not easily maintained. Any sediment that makes its way to the drain field cannot be removed, which can lead to clogging and other issues. Additionally, the rock used in French drains reduces the storage volume for water. Therefore, all of the drainage systems we install include an empty water retention chamber to maximize the capture of runoff. If a French drain becomes clogged, it will force the water back to the house, which can be problematic.

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A musty crawlspace or flooded basement can wreck havoc on your entire home,  Redco will protect and prevent your home from further damage. You can count on us to be professional, timely, efficient and make sure you’re satisfied every step of the way.



Redco Foundation Solutions provides several options for foundation repairs to meet an array of budgets, time frames and conditions.


Raising and House Leveling

Whether it is a slab foundation or a footing and wall that have settled, we have procedures to repair and raise the structure. Clients who partner with Redco Foundation Solutions know exactly what to expect - professionalism, efficiency and exceptional results.



Redco Foundation Solutions has proven methods for crawlspace and basement foundation replacement. Your home remains supported throughout construction and you can remain in the home during the replacement.






Setting a Solid Foundation

Most foundation problems can be addressed in multiple ways to fit a variety of budgets, timelines and structural needs.  Schedule a free consultation with Redco Foundation Solutions to assess your foundation from the ground up and the outside in to explore the options best suited for your project.

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Foundation Repair Resources

There are many indicators and reasons for foundation problems.  Please use these resources to educate yourself on the importance of protecting your foundation.  If you suspect any foundation problems please contact Redco today for a free evaluation and estimate.


Exterior Cracks

Cracks in brick or stucco, separations in siding or soffits and gaps around windows or doors can indicate the structure is shifting.


Interior Cracks

Your foundation may be settling if you notice cracks in ceilings and walls, or windows and doors that stick.


Sloping Floors

If your floors or window sills are less than flat, your foundation or interior footings may be settling.

"Redco Foundation Solutions is the only foundation specialist in the Treasure Valley I trust.  I hired Redco to fix my foundation correctly after another local company's repair failed.  The Redco crew is knowledgeable and kind, they talked me through every step of the process and educated me on the reasons my foundation failed.  I am grateful for their professionalism and workmanship."

Dave - Boise foothills resident

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